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Understanding AI (kind of) for #proptech

AI, or artificial intelligence, is behind much of the digital transformation taking place within the property industry at the moment as proptech innovators start to structure and use the mountains of data being generated daily.   We know that by 2012, more data was being created annually […]

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After Ireland, next step New York for #proptech?

Last week I had a call with the smart people at MetaProp NYC (thank you Leila and Aaron!) about progressing opportunities for our Irish proptech innovators who are ready to make a splash in the US marketplace. Firstly, their world-renowned, 22-week accelerator programme is gearing up for […]

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Digital Future of Urban Planning

#ProptechTuesday June 27, 2017 Podcast   Finally, I caught up on Property Basecamp founder Tom Courtney’s Ordinary Man: Step-by-Step podcast series as he discusses the highs and lows he is experiencing throughout the founding stages of his proptech company Property Basecamp.  In his most recent episode, Tom […]

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A Guide to Social Media for Irish Estate Agents

Estate agents in the Irish market enjoy a wide and varied role with sales and marketing at its core. While the tools of the trade have certainly changed over the past two decades, marketing is still at the core of the business.   Online sales portals like […]

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#Proptech Tuesday, 30-05-17

~ Originally published on www.prop-tech.ie, May 30th, 2017 Proptech News The last few weeks have been busy on the proptech front with conferences, expos and summits in London and Dublin.  Also, low-cost hotdesking space for proptech start-ups launched on Dawson Street (Dublin 2) and the summer proptech […]

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