Carol-Blog-Silhouette1Over the past (almost!) two decades my education and working life together with my professional learning and career progression have spanned many sectors and industries.  However, there has been one common thread:  My purpose throughout has been to help people to find their unique voice.

Sometimes that is through advocacy, othertimes it is simply by empowering people, when the time is right for them, to speak out  and to have their voices heard.

So, why do I do this?  It all stems from this simple fact; I have a deep and genuine fascination about the world we live in and a passion for making it better.  The key to making it work better is to get individuals and corporations invested in social change.

I truly believe that the business community has a critical role to play in driving social change and my mission is to help these organisations to give back to society in a meaningful and impactful way.

In fact, Richard Newton once said that “the more you immerse yourself in the world, the more problems you can see and ultimately solve”.  His observation explains how businesses are so well placed to be positive change-makers within their own industry.

Every year I enlist as many willing volunteers as possible to champion one big initiative that genuinely impacts the construction and property industries.  Current and recent examples of Corporate Social Responsibility – or Corporate Social Impact as I prefer to call it – creating positive change are as follows:

Carol Tallon