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Origins of New Year

Pre- Christian Romans dedicated the 1st January to Janus,the god of doorways, transitions and new beginnings. After Julius Caesar’s death, the Roman Senate unanimously agreed to deify on the 1st of January 42 BC. Janus has two faces, one facing the front and the other facing the […]

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Feliz Año Nuevo

Feliz Año Nuevo or Happy New Year for 2015   Spending this year bouncing between Ireland, the UK and Spain has definitely been a learning experience – my Spanish is coming along (slowly) and I am getting to know a few of the local customs. So in […]

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She will remain

Eye to eye, a moment of remembrance The unspoken world that passes through Sometimes not as she seems, the world turns for her There will be no breaking of season For him, For them, no season at all Except for the glories that exist far from this […]

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Ireland’s first shipping container home – Press Release

Project RIPPLE: Creating Ireland’s first, fully-compliant, shipping container home in Ireland Press Release Ireland’s first fully-compliant shipping container home will be built on the grounds at IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Arts) over three days, from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th November as part of an innovative […]

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The importance of house-hunters etiquette

Originally published in The Sunday Business Post and discussed on The Morning Show with Decan Meehan on East Coast FM Last week, a story about an estate agent in the UK getting fired after stealing chocolate from a tenant’s flat went viral. The agent in question was […]

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If would-be buyers are unhappy about any Construction 2020 initiatives, now is the time to speak up

Even before the Government formally announced its Construction 2020 strategy earlier this week, commentators were quick to speak about against many of the 75 policy initiatives proposed. Taoiseach Enda Kenny went on to announce a suite of measures aimed at stimulating the lagging construction sector, which has […]

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Women in Media 2014

Following on from it’s successful, inaugural event last year, the Women in Media conference returns to Ballybunnion, County Kerry from the 11th to the 13th April 2014:    “Be Inspired by the dreams, vision and voices of WIM Ballybunion 2014! Welcome to WIM Ballybunion 2014 – we […]

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Ireland’s Women on Air

    Over the last few weeks I have received a number of emails from journalists asking for contributors to discuss various aspects of the Irish property market and, in particular, the new Building Regulations (effective as of today, March 1 2014).  I am always happy to […]

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The impact of new building regulations on home-owners

by Carol Tallon & Derek Trenaman [Originally published in The Sunday Business Post, February 16 2014]   The Building Control Amendment Regulation (SI.9 of 2014) comes into effect on 1st March 2014 and will apply to all new houses or extensions greater than 40 sq meters on […]

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