NewsIreland’s Women on Air

March 2, 2014


WOA  Over the last few weeks I have received a number of emails from journalists asking for contributors to discuss various aspects of the Irish property market and, in particular, the new Building Regulations (effective as of today, March 1 2014).  I am always happy to recommend professsionals who have a strong working knowledge within the industry and a keen understanding of what is happening on the ground – if these professionals happen to be women, then I feel that can only be a good thing.  Women comentators are not as vocal within my industry – and too many others – as I would like to see but now is as good a time as any for change.

With this in mind, I am reminding members of the media again that Women on Air, a voluntary networking group founded by Margaret E. Ward in 2010, maintains a comprehensive list of women contributors and their specialist subjects/topics of interest.  ‘The List’ is available here and I urge people to share it and, most importantly, to use it!


Thank you,



Carol Tallon