NewsNewstalk: Why Ireland’s property recovery could be more painful than the crash

March 10, 2015

Joseph Conroy writing on the Newstalk blog:

Carol Tallon, author of the Irish Property Buyers Handbook joined The Pat Kenny Show to discuss the Irish property market – she warns that buyers face a tough few years as they wait for more supply to come on the market.

The age profile of Ireland’s first-time buyers is set to change from the old norm of people buying in their late 20s – to a new situation where people will be closer to 40 when they get on the ladder.

Once people buy – it is unlikely that they will move, she says we can, “forget the concept of a starter home – it is no more” and that in the new market, “what you buy is what you are committing to.”

She adds that a new cohort of Irish people will never own a home: ”Home ownership in Ireland has been seen as a right-of-passage, that is simply not the case any more.”


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“It’s easier to stay in a bad position than to try to get into a good one.”

She warns that this will be a difficult period: ”The Irish economy is in a recovery – that sounds like a good thing – but actually recovery is a painful process. It can be more painful than the crash.”

Ms Tallon continues: “It’s easier to stay in a bad position than to try to get into a good one.”

As the economy improves there will be plenty of people who are ready to buy houses – but they will also be aware that there is a shortage in the market at the moment – and that they are likely to end up paying over the odds.

These people will rent – and wait for the market to calm down.

The squeeze in supply, and the new tougher mortgage rules will have the unintended consequence of creating a spike in rent costs.

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