NewsOrigins of New Year

January 1, 2015


Pre- Christian Romans dedicated the 1st January to Janus,the god of doorways, transitions and new beginnings. After Julius Caesar’s death, the Roman Senate unanimously agreed to deify on the 1st of January 42 BC. Janus has two faces, one facing the front and the other facing the back, representing what has already been – lessons learned – and what prospects await us over the coming year. This depiction is symbolic in representing the notion of New Year, new beginnings.

Interestingly, the word “janitor” also derives from Janus, making the New Year the perfect time for us to cleanse our lives, both materially and mentally. This allows us organise our minds to prepare for new opportunities in the New Year.

This is the perfect time to really take stock of our lives, a time to re-assess goals, both personal and professional. We strive for balance but, from one year to the next, certain areas must take priority. Decide on your goals, prioritise them and then set about making them happen. The great thing about this time of year is the opportunity for a fresh start or perhaps a change in direction, if you can be honest enough with yourself to recognise the need for it.

Janus serves as a reminder not to carry old burdens from one year into the next. Let the cleansing begin…





Carol Tallon