NewsRTE Morning Edition: Converted shipping containers to make up our city skyline..?

March 1, 2014


The morning after our hugely successful City Limits event, hosted by Dublin City Council, I joined City Architect Ali Grehan  with Keelin Shanley on RTE Morning Edition.  On the show, we discussed a number of the interesting proposals for alternative uses for some of the vacant sites around the city centre.  Using examples from further afield, we take a look at a three storey shipping container house in New York and talked about what lessons could be learned from London’s Canary Wharf Container City.

There appears to be more demand for alternative types of housing to accommodate a wider range of city-dwellers.  One suggestion was for low cost live/work units to facilitate the next wave of entrepreneurs.


To watch the show, click here:

RTE Morning Edition:  Ali Grehan & Carol Tallon

RTE Morning Edition: Ali Grehan & Carol Tallon

Carol Tallon