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PropTech Ireland

The use of new technologies is transforming the planning, construction and property industries globally. Our current annual CSR initiative is to support the emerging #proptech sector in Ireland through Proptech

Property District

Dublin’s centre of property excellence and thought leadership through strategic communications. We help professionals across the construction and property industries create engaging media and social content.



Key Note Speaker

In addition to speaking about business and property, Carol regularly delivers talks about overcoming personal challenges in an inspiring and entertaining style.


Property Buyers Advocate

Co-founding the first nationwide property buyers agency in Ireland during ‘the great recession’, Carol and her team have consistently campaigned and lobbied government to have the voices of buyers heard.

Buyers Broker Founder



The Buyers’ Coach

Independent support and learning resource for property buyers across Ireland the UK. Coaching as an alternative to traditional buyers’ agency services.

RIPPLE: Shipping Container Homes

One team, 65 construction and property people volunteering their time, expertise and building materials for three day to convert a used shipping container into a beautiful home. The result? One family housed.




Crumlin Children’s Hospital

As a long-time ‘graduate’ of Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Crumlin, Carol now volunteers with CMRF, The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation.



Supporting member of the NWCI and participant of the recent Women on Boards initiative, which seeks to redress gender imbalance in the boardroom on an ongoing basis.





Proud member of Kanchi Ireland, and one of the Kanchi100 businesses in 2013.


Women on Air

Participant in the crucial Women on Air movement. The organisation operates and makes available a list of expert female media contributors across a range of topics.




Explosive Spirit

Spiritual awakening is not always gentle.  Busy people with busy lives often miss or ignore signs from the universe telling them to look up, slow down, breathe and just be. Through Explosive Spirit, Carol explores the subject.

Explosive Living

We are all born shining but the challenges of life can wear us down and make us forget our innate, personal power. Life can dull our light, making it difficult to see clearly. Carol speaks and writes intuitively about the need to keep that inner spark.




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