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August 18, 2015


About SitcomCircle

SitcomCircle is the writers’ circle for television writers (all genres) in the UK. While founded in MediaCity UK, our groups are now spread across the country, with 600+ members. 

This is a place for existing, emerging and aspiring TV writers to come together to bounce around ideas, test proposals, perfect our pitches and hone our craft. With a maximum of 8-10 participants in each group, this is a great opportunity for scriptwriters to expand their industry network and to build relationships. Two of the key elements of the group focus on the creation and development of characters with depth and, perhaps most importantly, practicing the art of TV dialogue. The latter is one of the most difficult transitions for any writer to make but it is the most crucial one for success in this arena. The group members also benefit from shared industry information and opportunities.  We want TV writers to have their voices heard within the industry.  Collaboration is the best way to boost writers and make this happen. 


How it came about


Earlier this year Hear Me Roar Media sponsored the hugely successful, inaugural SicomCircle Screenwriting Competition UK in the hope of discovering fresh talent. Our judges were overwhelmed by not only the sheer volume of applicants but also by the high standard of writing and the quality of ideas. In addition to the writing samples, the competition received almost 150 proposals for new TV shows in almost every genre. This was unexpected. There is an entirely untapped pool of writing talent, intimidated by the industry, who is struggling to get their voices heard. Through peer guidance and industry support, TV writers are getting the help they need to hone their skills and navigate their marketplace


How it works

The larger group splits into working groups of 8 to 10 writers who get together weekly or month (group decision) monthly for a highly-caffeinated, non-musical jam session. Members discuss individual projects at various stages of development, help where needed, critique work, craft dialogue and sometimes workshop characters – whatever is needed and decided upon by the group. Most importantly, the group keep each other up-to-date on industry events and pitching opportunities. Writing can be a lonely business (before all that success and glory kicks in, obviously…) so SitcomCircle is a great way to meet like-minded people who understand the motivation to keep going, even though the writers themselves sometimes lose sight of this.

Most importantly, SitcomCircle is an initiative run by writers for writers.


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